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“We Treat Your Feet”

For almost 40 years, Stockdale Podiatry has been helping Bakersfield residents put their best foot forward, and that’s not just an idiom. The talented podiatrists and staff work hard every day to effectively treat their patients.

“Our mission has always been to bring the highest quality of foot and ankle care to the people of the Central Valley,” explained Dr. Brandon J. Hawkins, DPM, CWS, FACCWS, FACLES. He is joined in the practice by Dr. Liviu G. Pasaboc, DPM; Dr. Mark L. Hamilton, MS, DPM; and Dr. Mark F. Miller, DPM.

Once a single doctor with one room, Stockdale Podiatry now includes six offices with multiple doctors across the Valley. It has become the largest podiatry group in this region.

“This is a full service practice with each doctor specializing in different areas,” Dr. Hawkins elaborated. “This allows the patient to have the best experience.” Stockdale Podiatry has the experience to ensure all patient needs are met, no matter the condition.

“All of the medical assistants are certified and they take pride in their work,” added Dr. Hawkins. “They enjoy helping people live happier and healthier lives. Most have been working for Stockdale Podiatry for more than five years.”

Dr. Hawkins explained that part of the practice’s success is owed to the fact that all patients are treated as a member of the family. It’s an attitude that won’t change.

“As medicine changes and evolves, so will Stockdale Podiatry. We will continue with our motto that ‘we treat your feet.’”


Stockdale Podiatry Group

110 New Stine Road
(661) 832-1666

Originally published in Bakersfield Magazine on August 1st 2016

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