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Since I had multiple people ask about my bunion surgery, I just wanted to write about my experience with it. The procedure was a week ago from today. Not only was it less than an hour, I didn’t feel a thing. I went in for a check up today & was blown away by the before/after X-rays. My pain has been very minimal & I saw the results myself. Definitely going to recommend Dr. Teela to anyone dealing with a bunion. I was told everything was healing extremely well; overall, I was an extremely satisfied patient. Feels good to actually see a difference in my foot and can hardly wait to start feeling the difference.


I am so very fortunate to have Dr. Hawkins as my physicians. Nine months ago my situation was very bleak, the condition of my foot and ankle was so extremely distressed, the hospital wanted to amputate my leg. Yet here I am, whole and walking on my own, no prosthesis. Thanks to Dr. Hawkins skill and willingness to take the road less traveled. Dr. Hawkins efforts have extended and enhanced the quality of my life. Thank you so very much for all you have done and continue to do for me.


The doctors at the Stockdale Podiatry Group as well as the nurses were very courteous of my needs. It started with my heel, I was having some real bad pain. The doctor told me that it was because I had flat feet. He gave me some insoles to give me my arch back and my whole left side of my body that I had pain in was gone after about 2 weeks with the insoles. I just want to thank all the staff and doctor for the fixing of the misalignment of the left side of my body.


I have been a patient of Dr. Hawkins for several years now. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. He was so kind and patient he always treated me with the utmost respect and was patient with me and always provided a positive experience and attitude. When the situation called for it, he went out of his way and worked diligently to engineer and customize things to specifically cater to my needs and to help me. You won’t find someone who works as hard and is as caring as Dr. Hawkins and his staff is.


I love the NEW building they are in! It’s so different from the other place! Dr Pasaboc is great and the staff there are very nice and helpful! I recommend this place to anyone I can! I would never go anywhere else!


My favorite place to go when I need a foot treatment. As the song goes we treat your feet we treat your feet, at Stockdale podiatry we treat your feet.


Dr. Hawkins & the staff are awesome. Always caring, compassionate, on top of things & always with a smile. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


I think this office is a great place to have your feet cared for.


Customer service excellent. Special attention to the patient, my shoes & inserts helped me a lot.

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