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Post-operative care is just as critical as the surgery itself, and that’s why the talented team at Stockdale Podiatry Group offers foot and ankle care following your surgery. At their locations in Bakersfield, Delano, and Porterville, California, the podiatry team delivers a wide range of restorative care on-site, from custom orthotics to more complex care like advanced wound healing and casting technologies. The team designs your post-operative care plan for your particular needs after surgery, so call the office nearest you or book an appointment online.

Post-Operative Care Q & A

What is post-operative care?

Post-operative care refers to your podiatric treatments following a surgical procedure. The Stockdale Podiatry Group foot and ankle doctors perform both in-office minimally invasive surgical procedures and more complex outpatient foot surgeries like ankle replacements at local hospitals. 

After both minor and more complex surgery, you need post-operative care to ensure full healing and optimal results. Following your post-operative care instructions is the best way to get back to normal as fast as possible.

What does post-operative care include?

Every situation is different when it comes to foot and ankle surgery recovery. The Stockdale Podiatry Group team designs a recovery plan that suits your unique needs. Usually, you’ll return to the office for a checkup within a week of your procedure. 

The team may perform any or all of the following treatments after your surgery: 

  • Change bandages
  • Remove stitches
  • Apply topical dressings
  • Wound care 

Depending on your type of surgery and situation, physical therapy or customized exercises might also be part of your post-operative care. With physical therapy, you can strengthen and improve flexibility in your feet and ankles to improve your long-term results after surgery. 

What should I do after my foot or ankle surgery?

The Stockdale Podiatry Group team issues patient-specific discharge instructions after every surgical procedure. Some general guidelines usually include:

  • Leaving bandages intact
  • Keeping bandages dry
  • Elevating your foot
  • Bearing weight at recommended times
  • Applying ice packs as recommended
  • Taking medication as recommended

You’ll meet with the team regularly so they can monitor your foot or ankle healing after surgery. If you notice any significant changes in your foot or ankle, like a sudden increase in pain, skin discoloration, or stiffness, call the office to report the issues right away. 

How long does post-operative care last after my surgery?

Your recovery plans depend on the type of surgery, its complexity, your overall health, and other factors that affect healing. Generally, for minor surgeries, you’ll have at least one post-op visit at Stockdale Podiatry Group. 

For major surgery, like total ankle reconstruction, you’ll likely come in for post-operative care every couple of weeks until you fully recover. 

For after-surgery care from the best podiatry team in the field, call Stockdale Podiatry Group or use the online appointment maker.