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For ideal wound care, you may need more than just bandage changes and ointments. The team at Stockdale Podiatry Group uses the most advanced wound-healing technologies available, including CelluTome™ skin grafting and cold laser treatment. You can even participate in clinical trials for wounds, and the experienced podiatrists also offer options like total contact casting to relieve pressure. There are locations in Bakersfield, Delano, and Porterville, California, so book an appointment online or by phone today.

Wound Care Q & A

What is wound care?

Wound care is a collection of treatments that help you heal an infected foot ulcer or other type of slow-healing or non-healing wound. If you don’t heal normally due to diabetes or another immune system illness, a seemingly ordinary cut on the foot can quickly become a severe ulcer. 

Wound care treatments help you fight infection, restore your skin, and heal in the most efficient way possible. 

What does wound care consist of?

Wound care at Stockdale Podiatry Group can include:

Topical treatments

Topical treatments, such as ointments, can help your wound heal and prevent infection. 


Bandaging protects the open wound from debris and keeps it moist to create the ideal environment for healing. 

Skin grafting

The CelluTome system allows for skin grafting from a donor site. With a new layer of healthy skin over your open wound, you can heal rapidly. The graft site heals within a couple of weeks. 


In slow-healing and non-healing foot wounds, the tissue at the outer edges of the wound can die. That dead tissue inhibits wound healing, so debridement — surgical removal of the dead skin — is sometimes part of the wound healing process.

Total contact casting

Total contact casting is a special type of cast used for healing deep wounds. Your total contact cast encases your leg, ankle, and foot, following your specific contours. This type of cast distributes weight in a specific way to ease pressure so your wound can heal.

If anything could inhibit your healing, the Stockdale Podiatry Group team can diagnose and treat the underlying issue as part of your wound care protocol. 

For example, the team can perform vascular disease testing to make sure you're getting adequate blood circulation for healing. If you have plantar warts, calluses, or ingrown toenails, the team can treat the issue first so you’re in the optimal place for healing. 

Stockdale Podiatry Group regularly participates in clinical trials for new wound care protocols, so you might get the opportunity to join a trial at some point during your treatment. 

How do I take care of a foot wound at home?

Between your wound care appointments at Stockdale Podiatry Group, follow the team’s instructions closely. You might need to change bandages, apply ointments, or perform other measures at home between appointments. 

It’s essential to avoid anything that could disrupt your healing, such as soaking your foot in the bathtub. Elevate your leg as-directed, and don’t bear weight on your foot unless the team recommends it. 

Get the best in wound care by calling Stockdale Podiatry Group or scheduling an appointment online today.